Five Reasons FluffyWeight is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Empty retail shelves? Check. Out of stock notices? Yep. Delayed shipping? Definitely. Thanks to ongoing global supply chain disruptions holiday shopping is sure to look different this year.

This is a good year to get creative with your gift giving and try something new. Read on for five reasons (plus a bonus reason!) why FluffyWeight weighted plush is the perfect gift to put under a tree.

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Reason #1: It's more than a toy.
Kids love FluffyWeight. But what you are really giving them is more than a favorite toy - it’s a tool to help them learn how to successfully manage their big feelings, which is a key part of social emotional learning. 

Reason #2: You are giving the gift of a calmer family, and happier memories.
Some kids melt down more than others. Especially kids with anxiety or who have higher sensory needs. When these kids are emotionally disregulated, the meltdowns can get triggered easily and last a long time. A therapeutically weighted stuffed animal like FluffyWeight helps calm and shorten these meltdowns, giving you time back to make more happy memories and fewer moments of tears. 

Unlike other weighted plush, FluffyWeight is heavy enough to be truly effective. The more kids play with it, the better they feel. 

Reason #3: It comes ready to gift.
FluffyWeight comes packaged with an educational flyer giving caregivers ideas of how to make the most of using a weighted plush. It also comes with an adorable ribbon collar and ID tag with a soothing poem introducing Fluffy to kids.

Reason #4: It's practical. 
FluffyWeight is easy to clean and keep allergen free. It has a removable machine-washable cover and is filled with all natural latex stuffing, which is both naturally heavy and resistant to dust, mold and other allergens. (The latex is completely contained within a separate lining to avoid any skin contact for those sensitive.) 

Reason #5: You can feel good about buying it.
FluffyWeight is a small, woman-owned business dedicated to helping kids feel better. It was created by a mom with sensory challenges, especially for kids with sensory challenges. We also donate FluffyWeights to those in need through our Let's Give a Fluff program. 

Bonus Reason #6: We are still in stock and can ship today! We offer free shipping with orders over $100, in the contiguous US 48 states.

Curious about FluffyWeight? Learn more about it here



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