We didn't make FluffyWeight just to look cute. We made it to work.

FluffyWeight looks like a regular adorable plush toy that kids love. But it’s more than that - it’s a tool that is proven to help kids settle down when they are anxious, emotional or having a meltdown. Read on for full details.

How do we know it works?

Recent scientific studies show that deep pressure stimulation, such as with with a therapeutically weighted stuffed animal, is scientifically proven to produce a calming and relaxing effect to reduce anxiety. (See end of this page for specific study details.)

To find out if FluffyWeight had the same effect, we hired neuroscientist Dr. Cindy Hovington, PhD, founder of Curious Neuron, to run a 4-week experimental focus group with 10 households living across the US with children who experience anxiety, sensory challenges, or are highly sensitive. 

What we discovered after 4 weeks is a ray of hope for anyone struggling with anxiety, sensory challenges or neurodivergent brains.

Here's what we learned.

1. FluffyWeight Helps Ease Anxiety and Create Calm

90% of parents noted an improvement in helping their child manage their anxiety during the 4 weeks they used FluffyWeight.

An outline of 10 people, with 9 shaded blue and 1 shaded grey. It shows that 9 out of 10 parents reported an improvement in managing their child's anxiety using FluffyWeight.


On average, parents said it was 53% more difficult without FluffyWeight.

Chart that shows reduction in reported anxiety of 35%

2. FluffyWeight Makes Bedtime Easier; Helps Children Fall Asleep Faster

After using Fluffy Weight in their homes for 4 weeks, 80% of parents found that it was easier to help their child settle down for bedtime.

An outline of 10 people, with 8 shaded blue and 2 shaded grey. It shows that 8 out of 10 parents reported an improvement in managing their child's bedtime routine using FluffyWeight.

On average, it was 65% harder for parents to settle their child down WITHOUT FluffyWeight.

Our focus group results found that in addition to being able to help children settle down, children were also able to fall asleep faster.

Two graphs side by side showing a reduction in bedtime challenges and time to fall asleep when using FluffyWeight


Key Fact: One participant recorded an 83% decrease in the time it took their child to fall asleepafter using FluffyWeight; from 60 minutes down to 10. 

What would you do with more time back every night?

3. FluffyWeight Helps Manage Meltdowns

After using FluffyWeight for a period of 4 weeks, 70% of the subjects from our focus group reported that it was easier to help their child settle down from a tantrum or a sensory meltdown. 

An outline of 10 people, with 7 shaded blue and 3 shaded grey. It shows that 7 out of 10 parents reported an improvement in managing their child's meltdowns using FluffyWeight.

On average, it was 41% harder for a child to settle down during a meltdown without FluffyWeight.

 Chart showing a reduction in challenges settling down from emotions and meltdowns.

Read what our participants had to say about their experience with FluffyWeight in their own words:

Kelly, mom of an 8 year old

"The Fluffy Weight has quickly become part of our family. It is super soft and the weight helps calm our son when he is feeling anxious or overstimulated from sensory sensitivities. Not to mention, it is super adorable! The Fluffy Weight is now a part of our daily routine when getting home from school. It's the perfect size to snuggle with to help regulate and decompress after a full day."

Janelle, mom of a 6 year old

"My son immediately loved his Fluffy Weight! Not only is it one of his favorite stuffed animals (and he has a lot), but it is more than just a stuffed animal. We noticed a drastic difference in our son's ability to calm down easily at bedtime, and his ability to sleep through the night once he started sleeping with his fluffy weight. We are so grateful for this addition to our family! His older brother begs for a turn to sleep with the fluffy weight too. Not only are bedtimes more calm and peaceful because of fluffy weight, but so is our home!"

Casey, mom of a 3 year old

"The fluffy weight is such a unique and regulating tool for my son with sensory processing disorder! When he would give it a hug during a time with high emotions, it would definitely helps him regulate! We’ve loved having this tool."

Laura, mom of 4 year old

"My daughter loved being able to give a big hug to the fluffy weight and it slept right next to her in bed. The good news is, even when she had a tummy bug and it needed to be washed, it was very easy to remove and was able to be put back with no distortion or shrinking of the material!"

Brittany, mom of a 3 year old

"FluffyWeight is our first weighted item. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how my child would respond. My daughter has a difficult time with transitions will only cooperate for diaper changes when she’s on top of Fluffy. Diaper changes used to be horrible struggle in my house. This has been a relief and I would recommend it to anyone who has a child with anxiety during transition times."

Staci, mom of a 6 year old

"We enjoyed the soft feel and that it looked like a giant cute toy. The weight was great for calming down at bedtime."

Summer, mom of 2 year old

"We love the Fluffy Weight cat! It’s made sleep easier for us - we cosleep and having “kitty” made it so I could actually get up once they were asleep for a little bit."

Christina, mom of a 8 year old

"We enjoyed the bright color and soft texture of the Fluffy Weight. It was easy to throw over my son's back so he could carry him around when he needed comfort. It also worked great as a pillow/snuggle tool at bedtime"

How do weighted stuffed animals like FluffyWeight work to ease anxiety and create calm?

When you hold it, it makes you feel happy. Read more about how weighted stuffed animals work to increase serotonin and reduce cortisol in this article here.

Cited Research

ERON et al., 2020.

Results suggest that Deep Pressure Stimulation (the constant feeling of pressure on the skin) helps to maintain sympathovagal balance, which is the adjustment of the autonomic nervous system, by decreasing sympathetic activity (the automatic body reactions to stressful situations, such as "fight or flight" responses) while increasing parasympathetic activity (the regulatory and involuntary body activities, such as resting and digesting) .

ACKERLEY et al., 2015

Research shows that Deep Pressure (e.g. such as found in weighted vests and blankets, and FluffyWeight) can produce a calming and relaxing effect in children with a diagnosis of autism, ASD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and pervasive developmental disorders. The reasoning behind is that weighted items, by providing a heavy weight on the body, causes a consistent sensory input (a feeling of constant pressure on the skin), which can reduce physical agitation.

LARSON et al., 2021

Parents described that the children had improved sleep onset latency with the weighted blanket. Before using weighted blankets, children had difficulties calming down, resting, and falling asleep when they lay in bed before nightfall. It was common that children felt worried or restless with difficulties lying still and coming to rest. The weighted blanket gave them a feeling of being embraced and a sense of security, making it easier for the child to fall asleep.

Read our FAQs to learn more about FluffyWeight.

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