Hey wonderful, doing-your-best parents and caregivers...

Do you feel like you're at the mercy of your child's meltdowns, or wish you had a better tool to manage their anxiety?

It's OK... You're allowed to say yes!

There's an adorable, therapeutically designed FluffyWeight just waiting to bring more comfort and calm to your everyday life.

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Let me know if this hits home...

✔ Some days, when your child feels extra sensitive, anxious, or overwhelmed, you feel completely helpless in supporting them. (Enter the insidious guilt.)

✔ You wish you weren’t always on guard, waiting for the next meltdown or wondering if today will be an EASY day or a HARD day. (It could go either way!)

✔ You often dread bedtime, because it can take hours for your child to wind down and fall asleep. (So much for binging that Netflix show your friends keep raving about!)

✔ You wish you could remove ALL obstacles for your child – or at least, make their life a bit easier. (If only wrapping your arms around them would do the trick!)

Speaking of warm, loving hugs...

How great would it be if you had a furry friend to step in and save the day?

Not a REAL animal – the idea of training a new pet is a little more than you can take right now! – but a soft, huggable weighted plush that was scientifically proven to help calm anxiety and regulate emotions would be A-MAZING.

Hi, I'm Elena - the proud founder of FluffyWeight.

I created FluffyWeight to help my own children manage sensory processing issues. Our occupational therapist recommended a weighted stuffed animal as a natural way to help improve focus, calm anxiety, and regulate mood. As an ADHD mom myself, I loved my weighted blanket, and knew first-hand the therapeutic calming benefits of weight.

There was just one problem.

There weren’t any weighted stuffies on the market that my children actually liked. They all felt so cold and sterile – more like a tool than a toy.

Why couldn’t a therapeutic weighted stuffed animal be just as lovable as the dozens of stuffed animals they already owned?

The animals available were either not cute or soft enough, awkward to hold, or just unsatisfying to hug. A practical mom, I knew if my kids didn’t love it, they wouldn’t use it, and it would just be a big waste of money.

So, I made my own.

I created and tested prototypes with dozens of kids in their homes. These kids tested different materials, sizes, filling types, and densities until we landed on a unanimous winner.


Every time I was tempted to quit, I’d get a grateful note from a happy child or parent that kept me going. Because for families who need it, FluffyWeight is an absolute game changer.

I mean, seriously. Tell me this feedback from a NINE-YEAR-OLD doesn’t make your heart want to burst with happiness …

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Our Mission

To help children, teens and adults alike add more calm and delight to their day through therapeutically weighted plush toys that help regulate emotions and anxiety.

We believe that...

Hugs are great, but they are even better when they're backed by therapeutic weight. *wink wink*

Every child is uniquely and wonderfully made, and there's nothing better than seeing their wide, toothy smile.

You're never too old to own a super-soft huggable plush, (teens, adults... we're looking at you).

Bedtimes can be calm, meltdowns can be rare and emotions can be managed, with the right support.

Want some FluffyWeight in your life?

FluffyWeight is especially effective for kids and adults who experience sensory processing challenges, anxiety, ADHD, autism and other neurodiverse traits.

But even kids and adults who simply feel more sensitive than others can benefit from FluffyWeight too!

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