Weighted Stuffed Animals are for Adults Too

Adults are buying stuffed animals, for themselves?
Turns out, yes. They are. In numbers that might surprise you. The good news is if this is you, you are far from alone. 
A New York Times article about the trend cited a study that 40% of respondents who own, or once owned, a stuffed animal said they still slept with one.
Here's a data point that hits a little closer to home. In a recent customer survey, we learned that more than a third purchased a FluffyWeight weighted stuffed animal for themselves or another adult. The most often cited reason was to calm anxiety and for a snuggling companion.
35 percent of FluffyWeight customers bought our weighted stuffed animal for adults

What’s going on here?

Maybe it’s because we are all stressed out. Anxiety disorders are on the rise. Healthcare workers are burned out. There is a lasting shortage of mental healthcare professionals. And access to mental healthcare is only growing more difficult. Or maybe once we became adults, we gave up what helped us cope with the ups and downs of childhood. We no longer use a security blanket, even if we need one.
For many adults, stuffed animals can bring back fond, comforting memories of childhood. While not a substitute for care, cuddling a stuffed animal can offer a sense of comfort and stress relief. In particular, weighted stuffed animals for adults have gained popularity as a tool for managing stress and anxiety. It creates a sensation of comfort and security, like the feeling of being hugged or held.
The added weight of the stuffed animal can also provide a grounding effect, which can help to reduce feelings of anxiety or panic. And, the soft plush material feels good to touch.
There are sleep benefits too. Getting in a full night of sleep is harder than it should be. But many adults find that weighted stuffed animals help them relax and reduce tossing and turning during the night.
Some adults find that weighted stuffed animals helps with conditions like ADHD or autism. The weight and sensory input can help to improve focus and attention.
The biggest reason people said FluffyWeight was their choice as a weighted stuffed animal for adults is because it is big enough and heavy enough to be effective. Other weighted animals are just too small or too light to help very much.
The top two reasons customers picked Fluffyweight weighted stuffed animals for adults is because they are bigger and heavier than others on the market.
We made FluffyWeight bigger and heavier than other choices on the market, which makes it a great choice for any adult.
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