Meet our Newest Fluffy!

At FluffyWeight, we believe that anything is paw-ssible with a dog by your side. Which is why we are so excited to share that our next therapeutically weighted plush Fluffy is... (drumroll please)... a puppy!

The new FluffyWeight is the same size and weight as our original style, with a few differences to look forward to:

  • The golden-colored fur is even softer than the original. 
  • We've introduced new textural elements, such as a tactile pleasing tail fringe and super silky ears.

Coming Fall 2022

The new puppy will be available later in the fall. Join our waitlist now and receive behind-the-scenes details, official drop announcements, and access to special pricing.
If you join the waitlist, you can expect to get not more than a handful of emails over the next couple of months. Opt-out anytime.

Same Size, Same Weight, Same Love

Our new Fluff is the same size and weight as our first version, the turquoise cat. The interchangable cover means you can use both the cat and the dog cover styles on the same animal body.

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What do you think of the new Fluffy? Send us a note and let us know. We love getting your feedback! 

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