Thank You for Not Hugging

The scientific evidence for the health benefits of hugs is piling up. We are learning more about how interpersonal touch pays an important role in our emotional and physical well being. Studies suggest daily hugs can lower your body’s stress response, leading toward healthier immune systems and mental health. 

Sounds great … but what if you don’t like hugs? For many neurodiverse people, particularly those on the autism spectrum, hugging people can provoke anxiety rather than quell it. But there are other effective ways to get the mental and physical health benefits of hugging.

One way is through weighted stuffed animals. Our weighted Fluffys provide deep pressure stimulation similar to that of a hug. FluffyWeight’s body is larger than most other weighted plush, and is filled with special latex foam that is firm but also squishy, which makes for a lovely hug feeling. 

This Valentine’s day, if you or someone you know isn’t a big fan of hugging people but needs the healthy benefits of hugging, give FluffyWeight a try. 

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