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Kids and adults alike benefit from the calming effect of a hug. FluffyWeight is especially effective for people who are neurodiverse, have anxiety or are highly sensitive.
FluffyWeight was purpose-built to be the most soothing and effective weighted plush on the market. We use premium materials that make FluffyWeight the softest, fluffiest and most lovable choice--guaranteeing your child will actually want to use it. And we invested more in our design and manufacturing process to make sure FluffyWeight is both safe and durable. Our Fluffys are filled with shredded natural latex foam. It's more expensive than standard plastic poly-pellets, but it's so much more satisfying to hug it makes it worth it. As a plus, the latex is naturally resistant to dust, mold and other allergens. FluffyWeight was thoroughly lab-tested to met or exceeded all US toy safety standards. We also hired a safety expert to conduct additional assessments before making our product available to you. Lastly, we picked a manufacturer with a long track record for high quality. We included reinforced stitching and other features to ensure each FluffyWeight lasts a long time, even with significant use. We chose to do all of this because even though it is more expensive, the end result is a product that works great, is loveable enough to become a favorite, and made to go the distance. Exactly what our customers deserve!
Our original size FluffyWeight weighs 5.5 lbs, and our mini size is 3.0 lbs. It is engineered to be approximately 10% of bodyweight. This provides enough weight for effective deep pressure input, resulting in a calmer nervous system.
FluffyWeight is perfect for when kids are feeling hyper, anxious, nervous, sad, overwhelmed, having a big meltdown, or need to calm down before a good night's sleep. Cuddle it, toss it around, or keep it handy in a calm-down corner for when you need it. FluffyWeight's body is weighted to a therapeutic level of approx. 8-10% of bodyweight for children. A therapeutic weight will naturally reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase the happy hormones serotonin and oxytocin.
We worked with a plush safety expert to ensure the FluffyWeight design is safe for children. Fluffyweight is lab-tested and certified to meet or exceed all US safety standards. Specifically, in compliance with US ASTM F963-17.
Most weighted therapy objects are made with small plastic or glass beads, both of which can pose a choking hazard. Fluffyweight is made without plastic, has no small external parts, and its interior is double lined for safety. The filler itself is made out of latex, which is a natural organic compound made from rubber trees.
In a recent study, 9 out of 10 parents reported having a significantly easier time settling their children down for bedtime using FluffyWeight. For younger children under 7, it is not recommended to sleep with weighted objects, but it can be successfully integrated into your child’s bedtime routine to introduce calming before sleep. Parents reported an average decrease of 35 minutes in the time it took to fall asleep using FluffyWeight.
Currently, we offer our original size turquoise cat and our newest addition, a golden puppy. Is there a style you'd like to see us make next? Send us a note and let us know!
While FluffyWeight and weighted blankets work using the same scientific principles, FluffyWeight is soft to cuddle and more fun for kids to play with. FluffyWeight doesn't grow overwhelmingly warm like many weighted blankets do either. This means they will be more likely to use FluffyWeight and have a greater chance to experience the calming benefits.
In a recent study, 9 out of 10 parents reported that meltdowns and anxious feelings were significantly easier to calm when using FluffyWeight. FluffyWeight can decrease the frequency and length of meltdowns by providing a safe way to experience the calming effects of weight.
FluffyWeight is currently available through our website and ships to the US and Canada. We plan to add more international shipping in the near future, including the European Union. If you have a special request, please reach out to us directly at
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