• How to Help Travel Anxiety, Naturally

    How to Help Travel Anxiety, Naturally

    Do you have trips you are planning to take this summer? Are you excited, but also a little (ok, maybe a lot) anxious?
  • Meet our Newest Fluffy!

    Meet our Newest Fluffy!

    At FluffyWeight, we believe that anything is paw-ssible with a dog by your side. Which is why we are so excited to share that our next therapeutically weighted plush Fluffy is... (drumroll please)... a puppy! The new FluffyWeight is the same size and weight as our original style, with a few differences to look forward to: The golden-colored fur is even softer than the original.  We've...
  • Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

    Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

    A guest blog by Kristi Coppa, Founder of Wondergrade. We have the power to give our children the tools to make them resilient, regulated, and mentally strong every day of their lives. We can’t make everything bad go away, but we can teach children that they can weather it when stress happens. 
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